Forklift Certification Training™ makes it quick and super-simple for Operators to get their Forklift Operator’s Certificate and employers to train their workers with simple-to-use, standards-compliant Forklift Training Solutions.

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Welcome to™™ is an industry leading training provider offering OSHA Compliant Online Forklift Certification solutions to individual operators looking to get certified and companies who need to certify their valued operators. Our modern, 100% online training programs make getting forklift certified or training your operators simple and quick.

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  • OSHA Compliant Forklift Operator Training

  • Pay AFTER your pass

  • Programs built to ANSI and CSA standards

  • 100% Money back Guarantee

  • Unlimited Quiz Retakes

  • 100% Online Program for Ultimate Convenience

  • Instant Certificate

  • Practical Evaluation Tools Includes

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